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So let’s talk about all the females confirmed and/or still alive for Supernatural: Season 10 or “SPNX” for a second.

1. JODY MILLS (Confirmed) - Hunter cop who tells the Winchester boys like it is and can hold her own. Last seen in “Alex Annie Alexis Ann.”

2. DONNA (Confirmed) - Adorable, food-loving officer introduced in “The Purge”. Will return in a female “buddy cop” episode alongside Jody.

3. ALEX - After escaping a vampire cult with Jody and the Winchester’s help, it seemed like the cop had taken her in. Will we learn her story?

4. HANNAH (Confirmed) - Castiel’s second-in-command who had been leaning more towards humanity then heaven since she was introduced in “Meta Fiction”. Will Cas do for her as Anna did for him and “teach poetry to a fish”?

5. CHARLIE BRADBURY (Confirmed) - Everyone’s favorite hacker-turned-hunter with a way with the ladies and a love for adventure (preferably of the geeky kind).

6. DOROTHY - Charlie joined the fairy tale heroine back to Oz in “Slumber Party”. It’s safe to assume Charlie’s return will mean Dorothy’s as well.

7. CLAIRE NOVAK (Confirmed) - With her recast in progress, it seems the Christian girl who lost her father to the angels will be back. Now she’s 17, tough, and rebellious after years of bouncing between foster cares. At last her and Castiel will cross paths again.

8. LINDA “MAMA” TRAN - Last seen in “Captives” with the ghost of her son, Kevin. With heaven locked up many like him had gotten trapped in the veil. Hopefully we’ll see this story resolved.

9. KRISSY CHAMBERS - Last seen in “Freaks and Geeks”. Krissy has made it clear that, much like Dean, she will never give up the hunter life the Winchesters tried to talk her out of. Funnily enough, she’s the same age as the young Novak.

10. ROWENA - A new baddie to rival Cole and Metatron. All we know is that she’s a witch and Scottish, which more than likely means she’s Crowley’s mum. With Abaddon gone, it’ll be interesting to see how she fulfills the antagonist role.

BONUS: It has been confirmed that the cast of the 200th Episode’s musical based off the Chuck Shirley books will be mostly female (as in, a female Sam and Dean, folks.)

In comparison, our confirmed male characters are: Sam, Dean or “Deanmon”, Castiel, Crowley, Metatron, and Cole - a total of six characters. We also have Garth (still alive, just living the peaceful, werewolf life), possibly Gabriel (“Are you really dead?”) and of course the Ghostfacers.

So I say…Season 10, bring it!

And yet there are no sited sources for any of these confirmations. That makes me sad — but not so sad that I can’t still celebrate the FEMALE DOMINATION OF S10. FUCK YEAHHHH

Sources added for everyone except Hannah (I guess the trailers & clips could count as sources for that?) and Jody/Donna (but there are so many confirmations of them that I wouldn’t know where to begin. Kim Rhodes had been live-tweeting a lot of the filming). Sorry for making you sad. BUT YEAH YEAH FEMALE DOMINATION WOOH.

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